Enterprise Licensing and Subscription Automation

Subscription Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365

a solid partnership

LISA is a License & Subscription Automation App built for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Certified Quality

LISA is a Dynamics Subscription App built by Bluefort, a certified Microsoft® Gold Partner.

All-round Support

We can help automate subscription management boosting reoccurring revenue in a hyper-customised way.

Enterprise Grade

We support some of the largest SaaS, XaaS and retail enterprises with recurring payments globally.

Flexible Agreements

Choose a partnership agreement that suits your needs.

Fit for Loyalty

Enterprise Licensing and Subscription Automation that works seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365.





Benefit as

A Business

Scale Up

Make sure your subscription technology adapts to your growth.

Make better decisions

Recurring revenue reported with the right data.

Be faster

Delegate mundane subscription management tasks to hyper-automation.

Stay compliant

Automate revenue recognition for IFRS 15 and ASC 606.

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Benefit as

A Partner

Be the go-to-partner

Help your SaaS subscription customers become more profitable.

Be ready

With a high-performance subscription solution when your customers are ready for transformation.

Be more competitive

Offer the best-in-class Subscription App for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

I'm interested in becoming a Partner

Help your customers up their subscription game.

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