Fit for Loyalty.

A subscription experience that keeps clients coming back for more, for longer.

Enterprise Licensing and Subscription Automation that works seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Keep clients coming back for more

Subscription is booming and it's an opportunity worth seizing.

5x Faster Growth

Experienced by companies with a subscription model, compared to classic business models
Subscription Economy Index, Zuora, Oct 2019.

Subscription Model

Nearly 53% of software revenue generated will be tied to a subscription model by 2022, The Hackett Group.

Subscription Challenges

48% of businesses have challenges with their current subscription processes and technology, 2019 FinTech Barometer Survey.

A solid technology

Best-in-class extension of Microsoft Dynamics 365.





A solid partnership

LISA is a License & Subscription Automation product built by Bluefort.

A certified Microsoft® Gold Partner with years of experience helping enterprises nail their Subscription Automation processes.
Unlock subscription business

Be part of the Subscription Boom.
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LISA can be seamlessly implemented and tailored for any subscription and licensing business.

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