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When someone mentions Joan of Arc, what do you think of first? 

Maybe it’s Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.  

Maybe it’s a historical oil painting in a gallery.  

Or if you’re like us, it’s proactive subscription management strategy (obviously).  

Go with us on this.  

We want you to imagine your subscription-based business is Joan of Arc, and your competitors as the English (apologies to the English out there). 

In this epic tale of business success, being proactive in subscription management will be the key to victory. But how do you get there? 

Well strap yourselves in, and we’ll have a look at how Joan of Arc’s proactive approach can be applied to your subscription management software and strategies, ultimately leading you to triumph.  

(though hopefully not leading you to being burned at the stake too).  

Joan of Arc was proactive AH 

 Most of us know something about Joan. Born in 1412, she was a young French peasant girl who experienced visions that inspired her to eventually lead the French army to several important victories against the English during the Hundred Years’ War.  

Courageous, tenacious, and annoyed by how things had been done, Joan of Arc was not one to sit idly by, waiting for things to happen. 

So how was she proactive, and how on earth can it be applied to subscription management strategy?  

  1. Joan of Arc listened to her visions and took action. Subscription businesses must pay attention to customer feedback and market trends to create and adapt subscription products that cater to their needs. They can’t wait around to see what others are doing.
  2. Joan rallied her troops and inspired them to fight. Subscription businesses need to engage and motivate their teams with a plan that takes their opinions and experience into account. The answer is always in the room.
  3. Joan of Arc adapted to changing circumstances on the battlefield. Subscription managers should continually assess their approach and pivot if necessary. They should be ready to adapt to evolving customer demands and market conditions. 

Why Isn’t Being Reactive Enough? 

At first, Joan of Arc was reactive and responded to the requests of French military leaders and participated in battles as a soldier. But as she grew in confidence and tactical skills – boom! She gained that key attribute – anticipation. 

After the Battle of Orleans in 1429, she was respected and given authority to make strategic decisions. This inspired her to organise the army and strategise their movements, capturing the city of Reims. This was a major victory.  

When you’re proactive, you’re taking control of the situation and steering your business towards success. But being reactive means you’re on a delay – you’ll struggle to keep up with the changing market that your business depends on.   

When you’re proactive in your subscription management strategy, you can provide excellent service because you can anticipate potential issues. And you can take steps to prevent them before they occur. You also give your business the opportunity to lead instead of letting your competitors shape the market.  

Joan of Arc loved to act fast. In fact, she was so fast that at the Battle of Patay in 1429 she took the retreating English completely by surprise. Speed is everything in strategy!  

So what’s the easiest way for you as a subscription manager to get proactive as fast as possible?  

The Solution 

Now that you’re inspired to channel your inner Joan of Arc, it’s time to introduce Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) and Bluefort’s LISA Business add-on into the mix.  

(We love that this is the first time anyone’s ever written that sentence in history!)  

This powerful subscription management software gives you lots of features that will help your business be proactive in subscription management strategy. 

With Dynamics 365 BC and LISA Business, you can: 

  • Monitor customer usage patterns and preferences, which allows you to adjust subscription offerings and pricing accordingly. 
  • Automate billing and payment collection, which reduces the risk of errors and improves cash flow. 
  • Get paid automatically using Direct Debits or Cards, without breaking a sweat chasing for payments  
  • Access real-time data and analytics which helps you make informed decisions and adapt any subscription management strategies. 


In the cutthroat world of subscription-based businesses, being proactive is the key to success.  

Just as Joan of Arc’s proactivity led to victory, proactive subscription management strategy can pave the way for your business’s success.  

And though Joan of Arc was eventually defeated, with subscription management software, you’ll never suffer a lack of support or dwindling resources like she eventually did.  

Though you might have to put up with some jealousy from your rivals.  

With the help of subscription management software like Dynamics 365 Business Central, enhanced with LISA Business, your proactive strategy will help you stay ahead of the curve and lead your business to the most righteous triumph. 

Remember, as Joan of Arc famously said*:  

“I have found that an army of well-managed subscriptions is a formidable force, capable of vanquishing any foe. For just as a skilled commander carefully arranges their troops before battle, so too must one master the art of subscription management to triumph over their adversaries.”  

Go, subscription-manager! Go forth and conquer your corner of the subscription business world! 

 Just stay away from any large piles of sticks. 

 * Ok. Might have said. 

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