Nobody said subscription
management was easy.
Until now.

Bluefort revolutionises subscription management with the market’s most comprehensive Subscription Automation Product Suite: LISA Enterprise. LISA Enterprise enables businesses to experience easily scalable growth through automated customer-centric processes. Bluefort’s expert innovation boosts revenue and operational efficiency through AI-predictive analytics, transforming the customer journey, and radically cutting costs, risk, and errors, while ensuring compliance.

Subscription automation is within reach, and Bluefort provides the knowledge and the platform to do it. 

Discover why the traditional one-size-fits-all subscription model might still be the best choice for retail businesses, despite the rising trend of personalized plans.

Recent findings from the InternetRetailing report, published during SubscriptionX 2024, reveal surprising preferences among consumers, challenging the expected benefits of customization.

Find out what drives customer choices and how businesses can adapt for maximum satisfaction and efficiency. Curious about the details?

Automate for Growth
in the Subscription Economy

Transform your business with automated customer centricity,
as you focus on scaling up, easily increasing retention and profitability.

Grow Revenue

Create more data-driven opportunities and use AI predictive analytics to increase revenue.

Transform Customer Journeys

All your teams work off the same customer, finance, and service data increasing your customer experience.

Reduce Costs

Reduce your overheads by drastically reducing finance workloads.

Mitigate Risk

Be compliant with IFRS 15 & ASC 606 regulations. Remove process & data errors.

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Meet Our Team

Bjorn Kuijt
VP Product

With over two decades of leadership experience in the Microsoft ERP space, Bjorn Kuijt is a distinguished specialist in the Subscription Economy driving operational and financial transformation of recurring revenue businesses in Retail, Media, SaaS, and IT Services. As the VP of Product at Bluefort, Bjorn advances LISA Enterprise, empowering recurring revenue businesses to scale with ease, boost revenue, cut costs, and transform their customer journeys.

Colin Felix
Senior Account Executive

With 15 years in sales, and 10 years in the SaaS solutions sphere, Colin Felix has helped organizations from mid-market to enterprise monetize their assets through impactful subscription management. Colins true passion is using the collaborative approach to empower businesses from retail to media to IT to scale, grow, and transform their customersby providing the solutions they need to succeed.   


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