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Crushing Complexity in Recurring Services

Our end-to-end subscription management solution, will simplify your operations so that you can finally focus on scaling up your business with increased profitability. Say hello to streamlined operations, a bigger customer base, and back-office processes that are automated to perfection - all with industry-leading retention rates. Elevating your recurring business is now within reach. And Bluefort provides the platform and the knowledge to do it.

End-to-End Subscription Management Software

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Revolutionizing Subscription Management

At Bluefort we understand the importance of effective subscription management for SaaS enterprise businesses. That’s why we’ve created an end-to-end subscription management solution tailored specifically for your enterprise needs.

Streamlining processes and leveraging automation is at the heart of what we do. From onboarding new subscribers to managing renewals and handling tier upgrades, we’ve automated and simplified these tasks for optimal efficiency and precision.

Billing is a pivotal aspect of the subscriber’s lifecycle, and we’ve got it covered. Our automated subscription billing ensures timely and accurate invoicing, while our integration with various payment gateways, including Stripe and GoCardless, offers both flexibility and security for all transactions.

Drive Growth

Unleash your business’s full potential with our scalable platform.

Integrate Efficiently

Streamline processes with seamless connectivity.

Rethink Subscriptions

Revolutionize your revenue streams with adaptive subscription models.

Maximise Resources

Optimize operations and team efficiency with intuitive tools.

Fully Automated All-in-One Subscription Management Software

Ready for efficient pricing models and better margins?

All you want to do is drive growth and make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. It’s a big ask, especially when you don’t have the right tools.

That’s why our automated solution is designed to give you the power to:

  • Set Pricing Models that appeal to your customers and your teams, 24-7
  • Implement fast sales cycles with no onboarding delays
  • Accelerate win rates, enabling faster growth
  • Automate processes across Finance, Sales and Operations
  • Ensure accurate billing, with automatic payment collection straight into your account via bank transfer or credit card payments
End-to-End Subscription Management Software
Ready to drive up subscription sales?

You’ve invested a ton of money into innovative products. All you want is to see sales give you a good return on them. So what do you need to boost your ROI and make stakeholders pleased with your performance?

Our automated subscription management solution is designed to enable you to:

  • Provide different Product or Service offerings and combinations, adjusting these according to your product timeline and customer needs
  • Access reliable customer data to drive decisions, offerings and feedback into innovation and development
  • Easily identify Upsell and Cross-sell opportunities, tailored specifically to your customer needs and offered at the perfect time
  • Scale sales as much as you need, thanks to automation and removal of manual processes
  • Improve ROI on innovation
Subscription Management Software for SaaS
Ready for closed audits thanks to correct recognized revenue? Want lower overheads?

All you want is numbers you can rely on for audits, forecasts, and decision-making. And to never chase an invoice again. That’s it. But how can you when manual revenue processes are riddled with errors?

Our solution is designed to give you:

  • Fully accurate recognized revenue and clear ARR
  • Free-flowing information between sales and revenue teams
  • A completely automated billing cycle – from contracts to invoices (no matter how complex the pricing model) to payments
  • An end to chasing payments each and every month, thanks to flexible billing options and payment integrations
  • A rapid closing cycle
  • Clear data for analytics, forecasting, and reports you can count on
Subscription Management for Dynamics 365

Bluefort's LISA now takes care of the billing automation and execution, paving the way for more innovation and customer focus

Elvind HesjadalenCFO

Unlock the Power of Streamlined and Automated Subscription Management

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