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LISA - Reach

Sales & Operations Subscription Solutions for All Business Types

LISA Reach maximises your subscription sales capabilities and aligns with your digital marketing and sales processes.

Designed to run within Microsoft’s Dataverse and connected to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Marketing, LISA Reach will supercharge your Go-To-Market strategy by:

  • Generating more leads and opportunities using smart selling tools. 
  • Breaking down marketing and sales silos. 
  • Helping you to plan and execute campaigns and convert leads to cash, with full insights and process control.
  • Integrating new subscription plans into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations,  Business Central or any other ERP.

LISA Reach can:

  • Empower your sales teams with advanced sales tools and services, helping them to prioritise the right prospects, build relationships, and increase sales. 
  • Enable your sales organisation to engage more frequent communication with your customers, uncovering new, up- and cross-sell opportunities, and take actions based on insights to close more deals faster, and reduce churn.
LISA Reach

Sell Your Subscriptions The Smart Way

  • Master your sales portfolio of subscription products
  • Set sales goals and manage progress
  • Capture new leads and opportunities for your subscription offers
  • Track every step of the sales cycle 
  • Integrate won quotes to ERP subscription plans in LISA Business or BusinessPRO
LISA Reach

Keep Your Customers Coming Back

  • Service your customers better by quickly responding to upsell or upgrade subscription opportunities
  • Remove existing subscription offers and replace with upgrades or new products 
  • Sell one time products and subscription products in one quotation
  • Use customer service functions like future cancellation options and customer service capabilities
Subscriptions made smarter

LISA's Product Suite

Small-to-Medium Businesses

LISA Business brings you the smart subscription solution for small to medium sized businesses.

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LISA Business

Medium-to-Large Enterprises

LISA BusinessPro is the enterprise grade solution for subscription business models that automates functions throughout international organisations dealing with high volumes of subscriptions.

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LISA BusinessPro

For All Business types

LISA Reach maximises your subscription sales capabilities and aligns with your digital marketing and sales processes.

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LISA Reach

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