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There’s growth that’s good.

Big Success Comes From The Right Subscription Management Software

And then there’s growth that’s stratospheric.
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There are a lot of barriers to being the best, no matter the size of your business.

  • There’s little, if any, resources of visibility for sales and marketing performance
  • The sales and marketing processes are inefficient or outdated
  • It’s hard to align sales and marketing teams
  • Scaling to where you want is a challenge because your processes don’t support it
  • Customer churn is a problem because you lack the resources and support to offer a tailored experience
  • You have too many plates to spin to even think about innovation and development
  • Raising revenue and capital can be a challenge

There’s a misconception that leaders don’t have to deal with frustrating day-to-day circumstances.

People think everything is figured out and you’re completely supported.

But that’s rarely the case. In fact, the old phrase “new level, new devil” is very true for decision-makers. You have a broad and big vision of the future, but there’s a constant flow of new challenges that prevent you from doing what you’re meant to – lead.  

Fortunately, there’s a better way. A way that can provide you with the clarity, accuracy, automation, sales cycle enhancements, and good data that you need to make the best decisions.  

It’s a way that also empowers your sales and customer service teams to use the same data to prioritize the right prospects, build relationships, and increase sales. They’ll be able to engage in more frequent communication with customers, uncover new up-and cross-sell opportunities, take actions based on insights, close more deals faster, and reduce churn. 

You deserve to be freed of unnecessary challenges.

That is why we developed LISA Reach subscription management software.

Our powerful tool is tailored to fit your unique needs, whether you’re looking to apply subscription models to projects, B2B/B2C commerce, or asset-related business models that have recurring revenue.

LISA Reach does it all. 

Curious about what LISA Reach does for your subscription sales? It includes everything from:

  • Generating leads and opportunities with smart selling tools
  • Breaking down marketing and sales silos
  • Creating concrete collaboration between teams and visible, accurate data is easily shared
  • Planning and executing campaigns
  • Converting leads into cash
  • Giving you full insight and control of processes
  • Up- and cross-sell with ease, extending existing subscriptions plans
  • Using the full power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales
  • Get full timeline insights of any subscription action that is performed on an account

And it will completely upgrade your sales team so that it is equipped to make your vision a reality.  

  • With LISA Reach’s advanced sales tools, they will be able to effortlessly find and target the best prospects, build relationships with them, and increase sales.
  • Your customers will enjoy more frequent communication with sales too.
  • Analytics on customer behaviour will help identify new, up-, and cross-sell opportunities that are tailored for each customer.
  • Insights will provide the information needed to close more deals faster and reduce churn.

LISA Reach differentiates the leads. Then turns them into opportunities. It lets your team know what each opportunity is worth. When it will close. And how likely the opportunity is to convert. 

LISA Reach

Get Those Subscription Sales the Smart Way, Not the Hard Way.

Subscription management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement transforms the end-to-end process. 

  • You’ll master your sales portfolio of subscription products
  • You can track sales goals and manage all progress
  • You’ll never miss new leads and opportunities for your subscription offerings
  • You can track every single step of the subscription cycle
  • Integrates with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and Project Operations
  • Use customer self-service portals based on PowerApps
LISA Reach

Want to Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More?

LISA Reach subscription management software has got you covered.  

  • They won’t be left behind because you’ll be able to respond to upsell or upgrade subscription opportunities lightning-fast
  • Offers will be removed, or updated and replaced, with upgrades and new products customers are looking for
  • They’ll be able to buy both one-time products and subscription products from one quotation
  • They’ll enjoy a customised experience with better and more accurate customer service functions like future cancellation options and customer service capabilities.

And all of this is automated. So, both operations AND scaling will no longer be a challenge- they’ll be a pleasure.  

We’ve designed LISA Reach to be flexible enough to work in two ways.

Have a look below and see which one sounds more like you and what you want: 

Is this you?

  • You already have LISA Business/BusinessPro
  • You want LISA Reach as an add-on
  • You want LISA Reach to work with your back-end financials

A Solution 

LISA Reach’s automation enables you to take your subscriptions to everyone you want with the full and continual support of your digital marketing AND sales processes.  

It’s an add-on that’s designed to work within Microsoft’s Dataverse and is connected to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Marketing. This means you can easily integrate new subscription plans into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, Business Central, or any other ERP.  

And it will work with your backend financials, no matter where they’re located. On top of that, LISA Reach will integrate won quotes to ERP subscription plans in LISA Business or LISA BusinessPro.   

Is this you?

  • You need LISA Reach mainly for invoicing and payment collection
  • You don’t need LISA Reach to work with your back-end financials
  • You’re a small to mid-size business

A Solution

Maximum results need maximum capabilities. We developed LISA Reach subscription management software so that you can take your subscriptions to everyone you want with the full and continual support of your digital marketing AND sales processes.  

It’s designed to work within Microsoft’s Dataverse and is connected to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Marketing.  

The bottom line is this. You bring a lot to the table.

You have strong leadership and strategic thinking.

You work across S&M and SaaS.

And you’re entrepreneurial and a problem solver.  

That’s why your subscription management should be proficient enough to let you maximise your talents in the best way possible. That’s away from the paperwork and time-sapping processes.  

When you’re supported in the end-to-end process, you can make decisions that are best for the business. You won’t miss out on opportunities. You’ll have the accurate data you need across the process. You’ll achieve revenue targets and growth objectives. You’ll increase your customer base and reduce churn because you’re enhancing customer experience and satisfaction.  

You know exactly where the business deserves to go- to the stratosphere. And with this subscription management software, together we’ll take it there.  

Because why should your business have limits when your goals don’t?

Say goodbye to limits!

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