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Try Bluefort’s Smart Subscription Management & Payment Automation Solutions

We’re looking for people with big problems:

Inefficient Operations


Customer Churn


No Visibility


Bad Decisions from Bad Data

Bad Decisions
from Bad Data

When you struggle with challenges like this, there’s no free time for the high-value activities you need to focus on. Like driving growth. Innovating. Or future-proofing the business.

Fortunately, these problems are solvable. Fast.

Welcome to Bluefort.

We’ve collaborated with leading businesses over the last 10 years to develop automated smart subscription management solutions that will continually evolve to meet your needs and solve these problems.

You have so much to gain.

  • 68% of employees have too much work to do daily.
  • 86% believe automation will help.
  • 85% of managers believe automating some tasks will give them and their employees extra time to focus on goals that matter to the company.
  • Automated sales lead nurturing has led to a 200% increase in conversions.

Where can you find automated, streamlined
subscription and payment operations?

LISA - License and Subscription Automation Software

Bluefort’s Licence and Subscription Automation product suite.

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We’re excited to introduce you to LISA, because it’s the end-to-end smart subscription management solution that will help us build your success, together.  

Everyone dreams of processes that inspire growth in recurring revenue. They want subscriptions that are smart, effective, and low-maintenance.  

And decision-makers should be able to confidently deliver this growth and profitability to their shareholders and stakeholders.  

This solution runs on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and unlocks digital capabilities that help you manage and scale subscription businesses with total ease. Your teams will work better and design new customer journeys that will make money and drive the growth you want.   

Revolutionize the way your business handles payment collections and allocations with Bluefort TAPP.

With our cutting-edge payment automation platform, Bluefort TAPP, all Microsoft Dynamics 365 users can now enjoy the benefits of direct debit functionality, via an integration with GoCardless, completely FREE of charge.

Take your payment processes to the next level!

Discover TAPP

Bluefort’s Payment Automation Platform

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Subscriptions made smarter

LISA's Product Suite

Small-to-Medium Businesses

It’s the smart solution for your problems.

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LISA Business

Medium-to-Large Enterprises

A bigger solution for bigger problems and high-volume subscriptions around the globe.

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LISA BusinessPro

For All Business types

A solution that maximises and streamlines your subscription sales capabilities while aligning with your processes.

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LISA Reach

You can have it all with LISA
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