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Bluefort Partner Program.

Joining the Bluefort Partner Program is not just about acquiring the best subscription management and payment automation solutions for your customers – it’s also about leveraging the power of partnership to help grow your business.  

By partnering with Bluefort, you’ll gain access to our expertise, knowledge, and resources, allowing you to accomplish more than you could alone.  

Our partnership will give you a competitive edge when talking to customers with a subscription business model. And needless to say, you’ll benefit commercially from any deal we do together. 

We believe that by working together, we can achieve great things and help each other grow and succeed over the long term. So why not take advantage of the benefits of business partnerships and join Bluefort Partner Program today?  

Together, we can accomplish more.

Partner Programmes

There are three levels of collaboration in the Bluefort Partner Program: 


If you want better resources and help to sell subscriptions and grow your business, begin your journey with us as a Referrer. All you have to do is sign an NDA with us and then start spreading the word. 

  • You’ll earn margin on first year subscriptions and a kick-back on some of our services work, securing a new form of inbound revenue.
  • We’ll do the selling for you, after you personally introduce us.


When you’re ready to expand from talking about us to flexing your sales muscles by co-selling our products, you become a recognised bluefort expert. We’ll need to get a partner agreement in place and then you can benefit from enhanced programme features:  

  • You’ll get an enhanced discount on your bluefort software subscriptions.
  • You’ll get Go To Market and Business Development Planning.
  • You’ll earn recurring fees that match your resell success.
  • You’ll get enhanced margin on our implementation services.
  • After modest sales success, you’ll qualify for a significant discount on our products for your internal use.


Feeling really ambitious? This is where the magic happens. When you’re ready to expand and build a practice around subscription management, we’ll work together to go after the leading enterprises in the world. All you need is to have shown some success whilst on the Reseller level and to have big ambitions.  

  • You’ll get a extensive internal use discounts on your bluefort software subscriptions.
  • You’ll get Go To Market and Business Development Planning.
  • You’ll get even greater margin on our products and services.
  • You’ll enjoy roadmap collaboration with us which brings you new opportunities, new spaces, and new corners of the industry.
Let’s go on this journey together

With the bluefort Partner Program, you can earn money, expand your market reach, lean into our experience, and power up your own skillset which benefits your business.

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