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SaaS Subscription Management Software

Make Your Subscription Management As Tech Savvy As You

Running an enterprise SaaS subscription business is hard because you get challenges from all directions.

And these can be just the tip of the iceberg. If you look at your subscription processes right now, how many hours a day do they drain from you and your team? Are you getting enough value from those hours? 

We’re a SaaS company like you. We understand how hard it can be because we’ve been there. And this experience, alongside our collaborations with SaaS businesses around the world, gives us great insight. Insight that you can tap into.  

We’ve seen the incredible things that the right solution can do for businesses.   

Their success comes down to one thing.  

It’s the one thing that not only solves the software license and subscription lifecycle problems, but also frees you up to finally do what you do best. Sell. Disrupt. Innovate. Make your customers happy. Reach new markets. And finally get the edge over your competitors.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Your rivals lure your customers away
  • You try to sell products people say they don’t need
  • Your Subscriber Acquisition Costs are too high and your Annual Contract Value is too low
  • You miss revenue opportunities
  • Your teams struggle to share data and processes accurately and timely
  • You haven’t got the time to scale like you need to
  • Nothing feels cost-effective
  • No chance to make the impact on the industry that you want to
  • You aren’t sure which purchase invoices relate to which customer subscriptions

Big results come from a little automation.


That’s all it is.  

Which is why we’ve developed a suite of SaaS subscription management software solutions called LISA (License and Subscription Automation) that sit inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 platforms.

The products in our suite are tailored to the problems you need solving and the Microsoft business applications you like to use. 

With the right kind of SaaS subscription management software platform, your streamlined end-to-end engine will:

  • Run every step of the subscription experience from sales to billing to payment collection to provisioning.
  • Manage complex subscription agreements. Including the flexibility for mixtures of upfront, arears or consumption-based subscriptions with multiple back-to-back supplier subscriptions.
  • Turn your manual processes into a ‘lights out’ operation.
  • Ensure compliance with accounting standards (IFRS & ACS).
  • Recognize revenue while up- and cross-selling.
  • Track your KPIs with PowerBI pre-built data analytics and reporting to optimise your sales and operations performance.
  • Build to scale your subscription and license processes.
  • Give you real-time financial reporting and budget tracking and forecasting.

It’s a long list of good stuff.  

Imagine having all these ticking over on their own. No more human error. No more silos. No more missed opportunities. And no more having to explain to stakeholders why things went wrong.  

How the framework helps you meet your goals.

Would you like flexible sales and commercial capabilities for your subscription offers?

Configure subscription products. Apply flexible commercial models. Build seasonal offers or discount models. Make tailored subscription plan pricing or bundle subscription for maximum customer benefit. 

Do you want pain-free and compliant revenue recognition?

Your revenue reporting will confirm to ASC 606 and IFRS 15 requirements throughout the process. That means it will: 

  1. Spot contracts with a customer. 
  2. Identify your obligations in the contracts.
  3. Figure out the transaction price.
  4. Set aside the transaction price.
  5. Recognize revenue once you’ve met the obligations.  

Want to keep on top of your Annualized Contract Value (ACV), Annual Recognized Revenue (ARR), Net Revenue Retention Rate (NRRR) AND churn?

They’re all crucial to monitor your business. They’re specific. And they are time bound. There’s no room for error or showing up late. Microsoft PowerBI dashboards give you the insights, subscription metrics, and KPIs you need.  

Need more? Jump into Microsoft PowerBI and extend as much as you want. 

Dream about having all your subscription experience processes in one place?

Say goodbye to juggling a million different spreadsheets and programs. One engine powers everything. Once actions are created, then it’s up to you – get a team member to cast an eye over them before confirming, or let our engine post everything automatically.  

Ready to give your employees, customers and suppliers exactly what they need?

Most SaaS businesses measure and act on customer satisfaction scores. But when it comes to operational excellence, companies don’t often measure supplier or staff satisfaction. But remember … customers are only one part of the picture. If you rely on suppliers, it’s important to understand how satisfied they are with your operations. And the same goes for your staff too. Sometimes, we see customers loving a business’s service, but in order to achieve a good result, staff have to undertake dull, repetitive tasks. That’s not a solution for the long term. 

We deliver a solution that gives you the best chance of your customers, suppliers and staff all thinking that the operation is really slick. 

Be Free to Innovate

You’re a SaaS company. That doesn’t come easily. But why do anything the hard way for a second longer if you don’t have to?

You’re tech people. And you deserve the same level of service that you want to give your customers. SaaS Subscription management software from Bluefort can give it to you.  

You and your business deserve to have the support needed to scale and reach the potential you’ve always had in your vision for the future. There’s no need for your time, resources, money, reputation and headspace to be sacrificed any longer.  

We can work together to revolutionise your present and set-up your future. Come with us!  

Rely on Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 modern business applications – we’ll give you the subscription hyper-automation you need to get your business where you want it to go.  

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