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LISA - Business

Subscription Management Platform for Small-to-Medium Businesses

LISA Business brings you the smart subscription solution for small and medium sized businesses. It works with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP application to bring you powerful capabilities for running seamless subscription processes.

LISA Business coordinates subscription sales processes, and transfers won quotes into subscription plans with tasks including automating billing, renewals and changes to existing plans. It extends item master configurations, and tailors products to subscription offers, leveraging commercial pricing and discounting capabilities in Business Central.

LISA Business can:

  • Manage your Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) based on subscription plans with ease, by automating finance functions around billing, renewals and revenue recognition.
  • Scale your business without increasing overheads in supporting and administrative roles.
  • Integrate subscriptions with the full ERP features in Business Central, such as accounts receivable, VAT and tax management, cash and bank accounting and general financials to execute end-to-end value streams and processes.
  • Integrate with payment gateways or direct debit solutions to streamline payments.
LISA Business

Streamline Your Sales and Operations

  • Create fast subscription quotes, and send detailed and well designed offers to your prospects and customers
  • Manage your open sales book and pipeline
  • Automatically convert subscription quotes into plans when customers sign up
  • Integrate with other Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications using Microsoft Power Automate
LISA Business

All Your Business Functions in One Place

  • Use LISA to run your entire subscription business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business in the cloud, completely hassle free 
  • Process end-to-end cycles with a great user experience using LISA Business and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Use the power of hyper-automation to complete subscription based actions 
  • Upgrade, downgrade, upsell, down-sell your subscription offerings seamlessly
Subscriptions made smarter

LISA's Product Suite

Small-to-Medium Businesses

LISA Business brings you the smart subscription solution for small to medium sized businesses.

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LISA Business

Medium-to-Large Enterprises

LISA BusinessPro is the enterprise grade solution for subscription business models that automates functions throughout international organisations dealing with high volumes of subscriptions.

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LISA BusinessPro

For All Business types

LISA Reach maximises your subscription sales capabilities and aligns with your digital marketing and sales processes.

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LISA Reach

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