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Big Returns from

Smart Subscription Management

for Small Businesses

Running a small to mid-size subscription-focused business can be exhausting.
You want to spend your time establishing your brand and growing your customer base.

The problem is that you’re pulled in a million directions:

  • You have limited resources for operations and sales
  • You have worries about churn
  • You know your market wants subscription products that are a nightmare for you to administer
  • It can be hard to strike the right balance between growth and profitability
  • You need to manage cashflow and revenue recognition
That's a lot to juggle!

Where are you supposed to find the time to achieve sustainable growth and increase retention? Or develop innovative products that will push your business forward into the future and edge out the competition. How can you optimise and automate processes and operations? 

And ultimately, how do you build a broad customer base, solidifying a strong brand and reputation in the industry? 

With a firm foundation.  

You personally have a great base for success. You’re a strategic thinker. You have an entrepreneurial mindset. You know what you’re doing with sales and SaaS business models.  

But your business needs to have a great base too. This comes with a solution that powers the end-to-end subscription process.  

So why not let a solution support you to get the results that you deserve and the business you’ve dreamed of? 

Our solution:

Say hello to LISA Business - the smarter way to professional subscription management for smaller businesses.

Ready to upgrade, downgrade and upsell your subscription offerings seamlessly?

The right subscription solution can help you and your business thrive and your customers stay put.

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, our subscription management solution tackles all your subscription problems in one go.  

Because we know these problems all too well, LISA Business has been developed with powerful capabilities to run seamless subscription processes.

LISA Business can

Automate billing, renewals, and changes to existing plans, so you can easily manage your Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) without the headache, errors, and disputes.

Automatically collect and reconcile all subscription payments.

Handle recognised revenue, keeping track of and splitting any advance annual up-front subscription payments across the year.

Collect funds using Direct Debit or recurring credit card collections, so that cash flow stays under control.

Streamline your sales and operations with fast subscription quotes, detailed offers, and a well-designed pipeline.

Provide robust reporting, analytics, and valuable insights into your customers' behavior and preferences, so that you can provide personalised pricing, promotions and product offerings.

Subscription management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central grows the value of your business.  

And importantly, it frees up your time and mental space to do the things that you’ve always wanted to do. Disrupt and innovate. Make an impact on your industry and even on society. And reap the financial rewards.  

In other words, it frees you to build a successful business.  

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LISA Business

Streamline Both Your Sales and Operations

With LISA everything just becomes… easy. 

  • Flexibly define and manage your subscription products. 
  • Automatically bill out your subscriptions, handling upgrades, downgrades and cancellations. 
  • Collect the customers’ funds automatically via Direct Debit or credit card and reconcile to the invoices. 
  • Recognise revenue automatically, according to your accounting rules. 
  • Report on the end-to-end success of your subscriptions. 

Together with LISA Business, we can make life simpler for you and your business all day, every day.

LISA Business

Organise All Your Business Functions into One Place

You won’t have to spin plates anymore because: 

  • You can finally run your entire subscription business in the cloud, completely hassle-free. 
  • Your entire end-to-end process is powered for you by LISA Business and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. 
  • All your subscription-based actions are completed for you which means no more gaps, mistakes or missed opportunities. 
  • For the first time, you’ll seamlessly upgrade, downgrade, upsell, and down-sell your subscription offerings.

Put your business on the map. Say hello to LISA Business.

With a pricing model that works for high-volume/low value subscriptions, as well as low-volume/high-value models, subscription success is all in one place. 

As you turn your business around and experience noticeable growth, you’ll be in the perfect place to scale without extra effort. Because it’s all automated for you.  

This is how you build your business and bring revenue in. This is how you find and keep customers. And this is how you establish your brand and beat the competition.   

With subscription management for small business, you’ll no longer have to sweat the small stuff. You’ll be able to concentrate on the big stuff.  

Whatever your vision for the future of your business.

Don’t let subscription management hold you back any longer.

If you’ve already got Dynamics 365 Business Central, great! LISA Business is a certified extension that drops straight in.  

If you are using another ERP solution, we’re sorry that you can’t take advantage of all the subscription management opportunities offered by LISA Business. But if you like, we’d be happy to have a conversation about switching you to Business Central.  

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    LISA's Product Suite

    Small-to-Medium Businesses

    LISA Business brings you the smart subscription solution for small to medium sized businesses.

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    Medium-to-Large Enterprises

    LISA BusinessPro is the enterprise grade solution for subscription business models that automates functions throughout international organisations dealing with high volumes of subscriptions.

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    For All Business types

    LISA Reach maximises your subscription sales capabilities and aligns with your digital marketing and sales processes.

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