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Fast track payment collections

FREE Payment Collection Automation for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Apps

Revolutionize the way your business handles payment collections and allocations with Bluefort TAPP.

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Bluefort TAPP for Microsoft Dynamics 365, allows you to:
  • Cut Costs: Reduce your overhead by taking out manual payment processing
  • Customer Comfort: Provide your customer with easy payment options to inspire long-term relationships​
  • Secure and Stable: Using secure and safe transaction methods you can trust your payments coming in every day​
  • Speedy Payments: Get paid much faster and improve cashflow​
You have Microsoft Dynamics 365, so you understand the amazing features that it has to offer.
BUT, it’s time to take this a step further and sort out one of your biggest headaches – customer payments.
And that’s why our Bluefort TAPP payment automation platform was created.

Enjoy a seamless, hassle-free experience with any kind of payments. No more errors in payments and billing, or the need to chase payments. 

Bluefort TAPP is free to use and easy to install by following simple steps.  

With Bluefort TAPP you can:

Automate payment processing, generate payment journals, and settle invoices significantly reducing overhead expenses.

Automate payment collection and reconciliation for customer accounts using sales orders, streamlining the process.

Automate refunds for credit notes and ensure accurate fee reconciliation with payment providers, improving financial operations.

Enjoy seamless native integration with Dynamics 365 Finance subscription billing capabilities, enhancing overall efficiency.

Improve cashflow and optimize the inflow and outflow of funds, ensuring better liquidity and financial stability.

Boost overall operations with the native integration with Bluefort’s LISA subscription management product suite.

TAPP for GoCardless

Direct Debit and Bank Transaction Automation with GoCardless

Bluefort TAPP includes Direct Debit and bank transaction automation with GoCardless for all Dynamics 365 business applications.

GoCardless is one of the world’s premier Direct Debit processors, and it’s not hard to see why:
  • 82% of GoCardless users have improved their cash flow
  • GoCardless users spend 84% less time chasing unpaid invoices.
  • GoCardless users spend 76% less time reconciling payments.
With Bluefort for GoCardless, you can get paid on time, every time.
And it’s so easy for your customers too. This is all they have to do is set up a GoCardless account, link it to Microsoft Dynamics 365. And then ask customers to fill out a Direct Debit mandate, and choose GoCardless as their payment method. Easy!
TAPP for Stripe

Credit Card Payment Automation with Stripe

Bluefort TAPP also includes Credit Card payment automation with our Stripe integration for all Dynamics 365 business applications.

Stripe is one of the world’s best credit card payment processors, here’s why:

  • 135+ supported currencies and payment methods
  • 250 million requests processed a day
  • $10 billion in goods moved each year

Stripe is trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world, including Amazon, BMW, and Maersk.

With Bluefort TAPP for Stripe, you can get paid on time, every time. And it’s so easy for your customers too. This is all they have to do is set up a Stripe account, connect it to TAPP, and enable Stripe payments within TAPP.

That’s it. They get a personalized, hassle-free experience too. This cuts down on churn.
And for you, it’s a lights-out operation. Once an invoice is created, a GoCardless Payment is created automatically. And when the funds are paid out to you, the payment is automatically reconciled back to the customer invoice and the GoCardless fees are handled too.
This is a seamless and hassle-free app that will free you from menial day-to-day tasks and give you back the time you need to grow the business.
Subsequent releases will also include integrations with major credit/debit card payment services, including Stripe. 
And unlike other products, this platform solution also works across all Dynamics 365 platforms – Finance & Supply Chain Management, Dynamics for Sales and Business Central.
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Get paid effortlessly, with Bluefort TAPP


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