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Supercharge Your Enterprise Subscription Management Operations

Accelerate Revenue Capture

Integrate your sales and finance data with LISA BusinessPro and start billing faster.

Empower sales and customer success teams with LISA Reach Sales to drive opportunities to order. Offer subscription-based products and services right within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, accelerating and growing revenue in tandem.

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Reduce Costs

Use LISA to generate all required subscription actions, improve process efficiency, and decrease costs.

LISA is designed to automate the subscription lifecycle. Based on hyper-automation concepts, LISA generates billing actions, automates pricing and indexing, orchestrates the purchasing of third-party subscriptions, and more. Get ready to reduce your manual processes and costs in a big way!

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Boost Growth

Increase revenue, with ease, creating new opportunities for your subscriber base, boosting your growth.

Smart Opportunities is an intelligent algorithm that looks at running subscription plans, assesses upselling and cross-selling possibilities, and turns them into opportunities in LISA for customer engagement. Let LISA BusinessPro analyze your data and create new up- and cross-selling opportunities.

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Gain Full Control on Subscription Billing and Revenue Recognition

Gain control of billing and revenue recognition, with ease, using LISA financial process power, and fast track your record-to-report workstream.

Drive large volume billing of any type, linked to projects, assets, commerce stores, or stand-alone subscription plans with full financial transaction automation

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Features Spotlight

Streamline and optimize your sales process, facilitating the seamless selling of subscriptions to your customers.

Elevate your sales process with LISA BusinessPro, an intuitive platform that empowers your team to seamlessly sell subscriptions, providing a frictionless experience for both your sales teams and customers.

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Take control of your subscription offerings easily.

With LISA BusinessPro, you can efficiently organize, oversee, and manage different subscription plans, ensuring flexibility and customization to cater to the unique needs of your customers.

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Automate and simplify the billing process for your subscriptions.

Simplify and automate your billing processes with LISA BusinessPro, ensuring accurate and timely transactions while minimizing manual efforts, allowing your finance team to focus on strategic financial management.

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Set dynamic and adjustable pricing structures while efficiently indexing subscription plans.

Drive adaptability in your subscription models by utilizing LISA BusinessPro to set dynamic pricing structures and efficiently index subscription plans, providing your business with the agility to respond to market changes and evolving customer demands.

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Achieve financial clarity and compliance by automating revenue recognition.

Enhance financial transparency and compliance by automating revenue recognition through LISA BusinessPro, aligning your business with industry standards and regulatory requirements, ensuring accuracy and accountability in financial reporting.

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Purchasing Subscriptions

Facilitate a user-friendly and efficient subscription purchasing experience.

Provide your customers with a seamless purchasing experience using LISA BusinessPro, a platform that streamlines subscription transactions, ensuring efficiency and customer satisfaction in every purchase.

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Subscription Amendments

Easily handle changes to existing subscriptions.

Easily navigate changes to existing subscriptions with LISA BusinessPro, facilitating upgrades, downgrades, or modifications, ensuring your business remains agile and responsive to evolving customer requirements.

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Subscription Cancellations

Easily streamline and manage subscription cancellations.

Manage subscription cancellations effortlessly with LISA BusinessPro’s user-friendly interface, providing a smooth experience for both customers and internal processes, allowing for effective retention strategies and improved customer service.

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End-to-End Subscription Management Software

By streamlining your subscription processes you’ll save time, reduce costs, and increase revenue. Your customers will be thrilled because they have a hassle-free subscription that constantly adjusts to their needs and wants. 

LISA BusinessPro is an end-to-end subscription management solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365, that seamlessly navigates every facet of your subscription operations, from the initial sale to billing, and lifetime customer management, addressing also financial and regulatory complexities.

This all-encompassing platform ensures smooth and streamlined processes and operations, through the entire subscription lifecycle, including nuanced tasks such as revenue recognition, subscription purchases, payment handling and robust financial reporting.

LISA BusinessPro is not just a subscription management tool; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to optimize every aspect of your subscription-based business, from sales to finance, offering a seamless and integrated approach that increases efficiency, accuracy, and overall performance.

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