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Happy clients are a perfect science

Subscription management software to give your clients top notch service

Running an IT Services business is a unique challenge.

You face more urgency than other businesses because your customers literally lose money when there are service hiccups. That means more pressure on you and a lot more churn for your business.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Your Customer Acquisition Costs are high and made worse by churn.
  • You don’t have the time or resources to give the tailored experience that would build customer relationships.
  • You miss revenue opportunities altogether.
  • Your teams struggle to share data and processes accurately and timely.
  • You have limited customer insight and lack accurate forecasting.
  • You have no effective risk management and compliance tools.
  • You haven’t got the time to manage cancellations, give the best customer support, or handle payment issues.
  • You can’t keep up with complex pricing models.

And that’s just the beginning. Not only do you lose countless hours a day struggling to keep up, but then have to explain to stakeholders and angry customers why you can’t achieve the impossible. 

We’re a subscription company like you. We understand the pressure of the business-to-business space because we’ve been there ourselves. And we collaborate with B2B subscription businesses around the world which gives us even more insight into what doesn’t work.  

But this also means we’ve seen how the right solutions can transform operations and client relationships.  

What you need is something that handles the customer side for you. So that you’re free to do what you do best.  

You want to keep those dreams of success alive.  

The solution to your problems is as easy as flipping a switch.

This is why we’ve developed a suite of subscription management software solutions called LISA (Licence and Subscription Automation), which works seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 platforms. The products in the suite are tailored to the problems you need to solve and the Microsoft platforms you like to use.

Imagine having all the capacity planning and resource allocation tools you need. Sales pipeline and customer management. Market research and competitive analysis. No more human error. No more missed opportunities. And no more having to explain to stakeholders why things went wrong.  

With the right kind of subscription management software platform, your streamlined end-to-end will:  

  • Reduce customer churn because customers are offered a personalised experience based on clear and concise data.
  • Streamline billing and payments which reduces error and makes it easier for your customers to make payments.
  • Manage all your complex subscription agreements including automatically adjusting to upgrades and downgrades.
  • Make your workflow processes speedy and scalable.
  • Ensure compliance with relevant standards and regulations.
  • Recognise revenue while up- and cross-selling powered by the world’s most innovative technology from Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.
  • Track your performance with Microsoft® PowerBI® in-built data analytics and reporting which optimize your sales performance.
  • Give you real-time financial reporting and budget tracking and forecasting.

That’s a lot to enjoy.  

How Bluefort’s LISA Makes Your Business Shine

How do you want to package your services and products?

You’ll enjoy flexible sales and commercial capabilities for your subscription offers. Automatically define your value and send tailored services and entitlements that your customers will love.

Publish your subscription offerings to compliance and legal, then track performance.   

Do you want pain-free and revenue recognition that manages risk and is always compliant?

Revenue recognition becomes not only possible but runs automatically. Your revenue reporting will confirm to ASC 606 and IFRS 15 requirements throughout the process. That means it will:  

  • Spot contracts with a customer 
  • Identify all your obligations in the contracts 
  • Figure out the transaction price 
  • Set aside the transaction price  
  • Recognize the revenue once you’ve met the obligations.  

Do you need insights and visibility that will keep you on top of your finance and revenue?

You’ll get specific and timely subscription and licensing metrics and KPI’s. Annualised contract value (ACV), Annual recognised revenue (ARR), and Net Revenue Retention Rate (NRRR) are no longer guesswork. Visible and reliable data equips you to make the best decisions at any given time.  

In fact, we’ve already built the analytics data model. Reports and visuals are ready now, right out of the box. Need even more magic? Jump into Microsoft PowerBI and extend. 

Dream about having all your subscription cycle processes functioning in top form AND all in one place?

No matter which way they’re going or what part of the subscription cycle they’re on, processes are synced together effortlessly. That’s scheduling, recurring deliveries or capturing managed services plans, billing subscription, purchasing subscriptions, capturing deposits, and renewal approval requests, just for starters.   

Ready to give both your employees and customers what they need?

Sales pipeline management ensures subscription offerings are created to compliment customer behaviour. Integrate with ecommerce apps maximise the buying UX. Create customer portals using out-of-the-box APIs. Your team can access to Blueforts online eLearning site for your subscription management ERP needs. Anyone working sales will build a city in your honour 

Solutions That Give You That Edge

This industry is growing and changing way too fast for you to be expected to keep up without help.  

IT service providers must be agile, flexible, and proactive to stay ahead of the competition. And at the centre of that competitive edge is automated subscription management software.  

Let’s work together to embrace innovation and take your business to the next level.  

With automated subscription management, we can empower ourselves to reach new heights of success, productivity, and customer satisfaction. 

Get a subscription process that gives you that competitive edge.

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