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Automation Will Take You From Struggle to Success

Our Solutions

There’s no doubt about it: subscriptions are here to stay.  

It’s hardly a surprise. After all, as consumers, subscription services from a wide spectrum of industries improve our lives:  

  • Media and entertainment  
  • Food and beverage  
  • Beauty and personal care 
  • IT Services  
  • Fashion  
  • Education  
  • Fitness  
  • SaaS  
  • Home and Lifestyle  
  • Broadband Providers  

But providing those subscription services can be another story.  

Any business that offers subscriptions will have challenges that can cause headaches.  

Bluefort is ideally placed to collaborate with any type of business that offers a subscription model. Our solutions deliver a revolution in subscription management, sales, customer satisfaction and revenue growth, no matter what the nature of your business.  

In this section, we will lead into the 3 main industries we’re focusing on. 

SaaS Subscription Management Software

Take back your time. Make every minute count with software for managing subscriptions.

Frustrated that you have no time for disruptive innovation and growth? We’ll bet that’s what you were hoping for when you started out. The problem is subscription logistics and operations take so much of your time it’s impossible to devote anything to your vision for the future or developing the kinds of products that will keep customers coming back for more. But automation can change everything for you, with little effort needed.

IT Services Subscription Management Software

Delivery doesn’t put just your customers ahead. It can put you there too.

Do you feel the need to finally relieve the pressure you feel from insufficient resources for subscription management and workflow? The services you want to provide for your customers aren’t analogue, so why should you be expected to run analogue?  

Subscription is an experience. LISA helps manage your experience within your subscriptions – be it billing, payment, financial activity including revenue recognition, support tickets, purchase invoices, etc. This type of end-to-end automation will help you improve service delivery, optimise your operations, drive revenue growth, and make your customers happy.  

Subscription Management for Broadband Providers

Subscription management that’s as fast and efficient as your fibre.

Ready for financial stability and profitability while supporting growth and strategic planning at the same time? With automation you will improve operational efficiency. You will ensure quality and reliability of services. You will meet capacity and demand. And you will no longer have to worry about compliance and regulatory management.It’s no longer a pipe dream.