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LISA - Licence and Subscription Automation

Subscriptions Made Smarter

Introducing LISA, Bluefort’s Licence and Subscription Automation product suite. LISA increases process automation and supports growth in recurring revenue, making your subscriptions more smart, agile, effective and slick.

The subscription economy is on the rise, and many businesses are now adopting subscription models that can transform revenue streams and increase monetisation opportunities.


LISA is the only end-to-end subscription product suite built for Microsoft Dynamics 365, helping you to streamline your subscription operations, get teams working better and more efficiently, and design awesome customer journeys that will unlock revenue potential and enable growth.

Bluefort has created a technology solution that unlocks digital capabilities for a seamless subscription experience – making it easy to manage and scale subscription businesses.

Created by Bluefort – the makers of smart subscription tech.

We work solely on subscription based processes and value chains, and together with our partners we can enable and execute your digital transformation ambitions.

Grow your business with seamless subscriptions.

benefits of modern subscription

Get Ahead With The Most Advanced Subscription Solution.

  • Supports complex subscription plans and automates the full cycle from renewal to billing
  • Incorporates business rules on subscription types
  • Powerful lead to order with subscription based CPQ capabilities
  • Bundle offerings inclusive of both goods and services
  • Produce quotes with a few clicks within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales
  • Run full cycle operations within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance or Business Central
Subscription Forecasting

Make Every Part of Your Business Work Together.

  • Automated subscription sales orders and back-to-back subscription purchase orders
  • Recognise revenue with ease
  • Market and sell with LISA Reach and then drive subscription cycles with LISA Business or BusinessPro
  • Conveniently post related transactions from one place
  • Prevent margin leaks when purchasing from suppliers
  • Use Microsoft Power Automate and automate over 20 process touch-points
  • Automate every task with HARP – the intelligent engine
  • Embedded subscription analytics
Supporting Modern Finance

Automate and Simplify Processes With Ease.

  • Visualisations and drill-down capabilities using embedded Microsoft PowerBI analytics
  • Proactive alerts based on key subscription milestone dates
  • Programmatically reinstate expired subscriptions using Microsoft Power Automate
  • Subscription forecasting and cash flow analysis
  • Generate process and data driven actions using Bluefort’s HARP – the intelligent engine
  • Automate billing cycles for perpetual, consumption or unit driven subscriptions
  • Process revenue recognition on your terms
  • Downgrade, up-sell and cross-sell on existing subscription plans with full tracking and auditing
Subscriptions made smarter

LISA's Product Suite

Small-to-Medium Businesses

LISA Business brings you the smart subscription solution for small to medium sized businesses.

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LISA Business

Medium-to-Large Enterprises

LISA BusinessPro is the enterprise grade solution for subscription business models that automates functions throughout international organisations dealing with high volumes of subscriptions.

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LISA BusinessPro

For All Business types

LISA Reach maximises your subscription sales capabilities and aligns with your digital marketing and sales processes.

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LISA Reach

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