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Bluefort TAPP and Stripe Collaboration: FREE Payment Automation App for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Bluefort is pleased to announce that TAPP, its groundbreaking payment automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365, now fully integrates with Stripe.

Together they will give merchants a seamless subscription payment process that is automated.

Bluefort TAPP has changed the way businesses deal with their payment collections and allocations because now they only need to provide minimal manual effort.

And the best part is it’s absolutely FREE.

Bluefort TAPP brings merchants the following benefits:

  • Automated payment processing, payment journals, and settled invoices that cut the overhead expenses seen in manual invoicing.
  • Easy payment options encourage long-term customers, including digital wallets and credit cards, one of Stripe’s most popular features.
  • Safe and secure transactions.
  • Faster payments that boost cash flow and cut revenue leakage.
  • Automated payment collection and reconciliation for customer accounts using sales orders.
  • Automated refunds for credit notes and fee reconciliation with Stripe accounts.
  • Native integration with subscription billing capabilities and Bluefort’s LISA product suite.
  • Easy-to-find transaction reconciliation and tracking in Dynamics 365 Finance.

This means the end-customers enjoy a seamless and error-free payment experience.

Bluefort TAPP is free to download and easy to install by following simple steps.

For more information on Bluefort TAPP, visit

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Revolutionize the way your business handles payment collections and allocations on Microsoft Dynamics 365 today!

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