June, 2021

Automation of in-shop payments at Maypole

Maypole implemented automated cash payments in their stores to reduce errors and increase customer check out speed. Like many retailers that deal with high volumes of check- outs in their stores, Maypole looked for a solution that would improve the payment process for their customers and their in-store team members. Besides speeding up the process, another part that factors in is the hygienic aspect. Maypole sells food items and being able to reduce the number of cash handling points will result in higher food safety, which has become even more relevant during the pandemic, says Nikolai Borg, CFO at Maypole.


Customer – Maypole


Country – Malta

Industry – Retail and Food manufacturing

Products and Services – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce, Finance and Supply Chain Management

Modern retail with Bluefort, Maypole, & Dynamics 365

Customer Challenges

Maypole is continuously innovating the customer experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Bluefort. Due to the stringent health and safety during the pandemic Maypole decided to reduce the number of cash or card handling moments to a minimum, in order to increase hygiene for their customers and staff. Customer experience for Maypole means a fast payment process as well, as they deal with high values of payments in-store.

The third challenge surrounds the in-store team. Improving the payment process redirects their attention to dealing with customers and keeping the store in tip-top shape.

Partner Solution

The Bluefort team developed new forms in Dynamics 365 Commerce MPOS to provide cashiers visibility of float levels in the machine. Store managers also have access to view cash box amounts and perform bank drop operations when required. All these operations are triggered by the MPOS interface extensions and use the Hardware Station extensions to communicate with the devices. The device comes with a Payment Service API which allows 3rd party POS applications to connect to it. At Bluefort we build a fully integrated MPOS process with the automated cash drawer. The MPOS integration with PayPod handles all the operations to automate payments, refunds, cancellations, float entry and tender removals.

Customer Benefits

Based on the integration of the physical payments points from PayPod ( to Dynamics 365 MPOS, developed by the Bluefort retail team, Maypole now can scale out highly automated in-store payments processes, resulting in faster payments, less physical cash or card touch points which improves health and safety for their staff and their customers. The efficiency of the automate payment process will also result in less waste during the cash collection and reconciliation process, including bank drops.

  • Reduce cash and card touchpoints, improving overall health and safety for staff and customers.
  • Seamless experience for customers and in-store staff, resulting in faster payments at the cash point.
  • Optimized business processes in cash collection, bank drops and reconciliation, improving efficiency.
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