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So, picture this.  

You’re a COO in IT Services.  

You’re got your hot cup of coffee, and you fire up the electronic device of your choice, hoping for a few moments of catching up before tackling your usual workload.  

But then it becomes crystal clear that this isn’t going to be a calm day because you’re facing what is now a landslide of invoice errors and all the nightmare problems they bring. You get that sinking feeling like this is going to take weeks and who knows how much money to sort, if can be sorted at all.  

Sound familiar?  

The sad thing is you probably have had multiple times like this. Because the way things are set up makes it impossible to avoid these problems.  

And when you’re in the middle of it, one thing’s for sure- you’re not going to have the time to enjoy that coffee while it’s hot.  

That’s why we’re here to help. There are things you can do to get rid of these problems for good, save time and money, and get your time back.  

The Extreme Pain of Invoice Errors and Wasted Resources  

Invoice errors are no joke because they can do untold damage if they go unchecked. We’ve had conversations with IT Services COOs about this specific problem, and here’s what they said about the 5 of the most common pain points they face:  

Wasted resources: Invoice errors create a lot of waste. Because exceptionally busy employees have to manually enter everything and then reconcile and rectify everything across siloed teams, that means wasted time, effort, and resources. This is not only expensive, but it steals resources that could be used for more strategic and revenue-generating initiatives and tasks. 

Revenue leakage: This is a tough one, because your company might not even know how much revenue leakage you’ve got. But the invoicing process can underbill and even worse, miss customers altogether.  

Cash flow disruptions: Invoice mistakes cause delays in payments as customers wait for everything to be corrected before they pay or receive a refund. Either way, this disrupts your cash flow. Which means you’re dealing with unreliable numbers and possible struggling to consistently meet your own financial obligations. 

Damaged customer relationship and churn: It is possible to keep a good customer relationship after they receive an invoice that’s wrong? Possible- with some serious damage control like discounts and even more resources spent keeping them sweet. Incorrect invoices can erode trust and leave clients frustrated, saying bad things about you online, and leaving for a new service provider.   

Compliance Risks: How can you stay compliant and be ready for audits at any given time when your invoice process has mistakes? You’re exposed to non-compliance, risking penalties, fines, legal consequences, and the loss of your reputation.  

Sky-high costs: It’s expensive to put invoice errors right, from catching and correcting the mistakes, re-evaluating usage, rectifying things with the customer, and making sure accounts are back where they should be.  

Imagine how much this costs every month if you have thousands or tens of thousands or millions of subscribers.  

What could have been: Not a lot of people talk about this, but one of the problems is that all the time and effort spent on these invoice errors cost you in a deeper way too. Because time is zero-sum- there are only so many hours in a day, and you and your team are stopped from doing the kind of work that drives long-term success. Things like brainstorming new revenue streams, driving innovation and new products and services, and leading to new market territories become impossible.  

All these problems make you blindfolded as a leader. You aren’t able to spot trends, build relationships with your customer base, or optimize the team workflows. You’ve got numbers you can’t rely on. You’re navigating a maze in the dark without a map. And that coffee gets cold all the time.  

Fortunately, there’s hope. You as a COO don’t have time for guesswork- you need actionable solutions. So here are some strategies to help you conquer these invoice errors and reduce wasted efforts once and for all. 

The Solutions You Need to Stop Invoice Errors  

What are the steps you can take to stop these problems? Here are the top 5 we see that work best in the IT Service industry: 

Streamline communication and collaboration between the teams: It’s time to break down those silos between the sales and finance teams and foster a culture of seamless collaboration. When you invest in ways to centralize your communication and collaboration platform you’ll transform the ways your teams interact.  

No more playing tag between workers solving (and avoiding) those invoice discrepancies. Open channels of communication, mean you get accelerated dispute resolution and minimize wasted efforts, all while building a stronger, more connected organization that does you proud.  

Implement quality control: It’s time to end miscalculations and missing items once and for all. Establish rigorous quality control protocols with regular audits, cross-checking information and thorough staff training. And crucially, give your employees realistic expectations and the time they need to reach those expectations.   

By implementing quality control measures, you’ll spare yourself the embarrassment of sending out incorrect invoices, build strong relationships with your clients, and make your teams a lot happier. 

Leverage your data analytics: There is so much insight locked away in your data, so it’s time to unlock that power and use it to supercharge your invoicing processes. When you invest in advanced analytics tools, you’ll get the deep insights you need integrated into your invoicing workflows.  

This data can help you analyze patterns, spot the bottlenecks in your operations, and identify and priotize the areas for improvement. That means more streamlined operations and optimized efficiency.  

Foster Supplier and Customer Relationships: Customers need to be able to trust you and your invoices. Build strong relationships that increase the CLV with open and proactive communication with your customer base.  

The more you nurture these connections, the stronger your brand. And then when any issues come up, it will be easier to resolve them both swiftly and amicably. That means more long-term growth for you.  

Invoice stats- Manually processed invoices cost an average of $15. Almost 40% of invoices have errors in them. (Ascend) Each paper invoice error costs a company around $53.50 to fix. (FieldConnect) 35% of invoices are paid with delays and errors. (Skynova) 61% of late invoice payments are down to errors in the invoice. 11% of customers receive no invoices at all. (Amalto

Embrace Automation: The one thing that automation can bring you is…everything. Automation is the ultimate in efficiency, so when you automate your invoicing process you get:  

  • An end to manual data entry nightmares with automated data entry and calculations that avoid revenue leakage, and the resource-sapping steps throughout  
  • Smashed silos and clear communication between your sales, revenue, and service teams that requires a lot less time from them. 
  • A self-running invoicing process that means customers get notifications, the correct invoices, and easy of payment on the terms they want  
  • Reliable revenue numbers that are updated in real time so that you always know where you are  
  • A system that has compliance and audit-readiness built in 
  • A strengthened reputation for accuracy and reliability that will build your brand  
  • Saved money and resources 

You really can revolutionize your invoicing game. And automation can drive that change for you.  

Benefits of Efficient Subscription Management

Success as a COO Can Be Yours  

With streamlined communication, quality control measures, data analytics, strong relationships, and the automation that can make it all possible, you’ll finally have the tools to not just tackle any invoicing challenges that come your way, but to avoid them altogether. 

You deserve to have a streamlined invoicing process.  

You deserve to say goodbye to wasted hours and frustrating mistakes.  

You and your teams deserve to be able to work on revenue-building activities that will ensure your brand’s long-term success.  

You deserve a hot cup of coffee that you have the time to finish.   

Say goodbye to manual revenue processes and boost your growth with Bluefort’s cutting-edge automation solutions. Learn how our end-to-end system streamlines the end-to-end process. 

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