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Feeling a little down, SaaS Finance team member?  

Your eyes might hit this quiz and your brain might scream ”I beg you, not another thing I have to do no NO NO NO!!!.” 

We get it. You all are going through it. Your entire team might be treading water and putting out fires at the same time.  

That’s exactly why we’ve made this quiz – to gauge how low your morale might be. So grab a coffee (who are we kidding, you probably have a bucket o’ coffee right next to you already!), put those revenue reports on pause (YAY), and let’s dive in!  

A tired office woman rubbing her eyes in front of her laptop

1. What is your reaction when you hear the dreaded words, “end of the month”?

A) Adopt a fetal position and start whimpering for Grandma. 

B) Start stress-eating office snacks.

C) Avoid direct eye contact with the boss so that you’re not asked to stay LATE AGAIN.

D) You’re happy to lock down the numbers for the last four weeks.

2. What’s your favorite spreadsheet function? 

A) CTRL+Z (undoing my career choices).

B) VLOOKUP (I’m always looking for an escape route).

C) IFERROR (if only life had this function).

D) SUM (because adding it all and getting solid numbers feels amazing).

3. How do you handle payment errors? 

A) Start looking up how to fake your own disappearance.

B) Blame it on the intern then hide from them till their contract expires.

B) Pretend it’s a new innovative strategy until I get busted.

D) Payment errors? As if! 

4. How often do invoices haunt your dreams? 

A) Every night. “Invoices” is the Latin name for my sleep paralysis demon.

B) Sleep? LOL. 

C) Anytime I accidentally snooze at my desk (I’ve perfected the art of sleeping with my eyes open).

D) Invoices are my version of counting sheep.

A man in bed who has struggled to sleep with a clock in the foreground.

5. What’s your reaction when either your team or your customers have a sudden software update?

A) Panic, then cry. Ugly cry. 

B) I browse through my pre-written resignation letters, and see how long my finger can hover over “send”.

C) Anonymously send a note to the CFO suggesting we switch back to abacuses. 

D) We’re always given a heads’ up, so no big deal. 

6. When you hear the word “automation” what do you feel?  

A) I hum “The Robots are Coming” on rotation because why am I the only one who sees it coming?!

B) Hopeful, but suspicious (like when someone is super nice to me).

C) Are you serious right now? We have not got the time to even think about automation!!! How very dare you even suggest it. 

D) Like a kid locked up with their best friend in a candy warehouse overnight.

7. It’s budget season. What’s your affirmation? 

A) “I am strong and powerful and have survived all my previous battles against Invoices and the other powers of darkness!!”

B) It’s a calm one- “I’ll take another bottle of Jack Daniels, No, the big one.” 

C) “LA LA LA It’s not happening I can’t hear youuuuuu!!!!!”

D) No affirmations needed. I put my feet up because it’s all done. 

8. When you see you’ve got a meeting about the recognized revenue numbers, what do you do? 

A) I sit in my seat, close my eyes, and throw my arms around screaming because who are we kidding we’re never getting off this ride!!

B)  Turn into a sweat-soaked puddle and then when I reach for my back-up sweat-free shirt, realize I forgot it AGAIN.

C) Finally release my soul with a world-weary sigh. 

D) Eh, whatever. Meetings are a pain, but at least we know where we are. 

Man hyperventilating into a paper bag.

9. How’s your relationship with the marketing team recently? 

A) They’re in our budget meetings, but I’m so distracted by the gaping hole in my soul during budget meetings that I don’t really notice them. I’m just trying to stay alive. 

B) I pass them the Jack Daniels under the table. They’re going through it too. 

C) We have a marketing team? 

D) We bond over how to deal with Sales. 

10. Speaking of sales, how do you feel when the sales team exceeds their targets? 

A) Like I’ve won the lottery! Just without the money! (Just kidding – I am now dead inside and feel nothing). 

B) Welp, there goes my weekends. 

C) Thrilled but suspicious – how are they organized enough to know what their targets are? 

D) I’m thrilled – all our data flows between our teams, so it’s no skin off my nose. 

How did you score?  

Mostly A – Wow. We would say you’re a total drama queen with serious main character energy, but if we’re being perfectly honest, given how stressful SaaS finance can be, we reckon you’re only human. Something will have to give soon though, because everyone needs a break from the stage or they crack up.  

Mostly B – You are probably on the verge of a heart attack. You definitely have ulcers. We’re here to let you know it’s possible to not live under your desk for the rest of your life. A change is needed.   

Mostly C – Coffee has no impact on you- you’re far too burned out for that. You also work about 80 hours a week and don’t seem to be getting anywhere with it. We’ll bet your finance and accounting systems are as modern as a wooden trebuchet.  

Mostly DWho are you? What is this witchery? How have you managed to be calm in a SaaS finance team? Clearly you’ve got some supernatural help. Harumpf.  

Right, so congratulations! You made it through the quiz!  

Ready for change?

The thing is, we can joke as much as we want, but low morale is so draining.

And so common.  

But you’re definitely not alone in your struggles.  

The good news? You can get to a point where you answer mainly Ds on the quiz.  

  • You absolutely deserve to have your problems solved.  
  • You can have everything done for you, automatically.  
  • You can your time freed from mundane and repetitive tasks.  
  • You can be compliant and free from errors.  
  • You can know what your recognized revenue numbers are at any time.   
  • And you can finally feel the freedom to return to what you’re best at – financial strategy and focusing revenue on the future!  

Change is possible. In fact, with the right solution, it’s automatic.  

You just need automation.  

What You Get from Automation

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