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January '21: Fantastic new features to extend financials, revenue recognition and renewal management.

A preferred solution on Microsoft AppSource, Bluefort’s License and Subscription App (LISA) enables you to modernise, automate and optimise your licencing and subscription processes. LISA is purpose-built in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and operates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and Commerce.

We’re proud to share new features available now in addition to the already-powerful capabilities of LISA:

Enhancements to Subscription Financials
  • Post actions in batch – It is now possible to post firmed actions in batch. You can configure a flexible query and recurrence which suits the business’ needs for automatic posting. Keep in mind that with flexible query configuration, there are some exceptions:
    • Request for deposit payments – These should be posted and settled when customer payment is actually received and not via an automated batch process.
    • Request for subscription security payment – These should be posted and settled when customer payment is actually received and not via an automated batch process.
    • Renewal actions – Posting is not applicable for renewal actions.
    • Project hours entitlement – These are automatically posted once they are fully consumed.
    • Product entitlements – These are automatically posted when fully consumed.
  • Per-month scheduled recognition – On the scheduled recognition table (linked to a billing posting profile) there is a new flag “Post per month”. When this is set to true, posting of revenue recognition for that cycle will be further broken down per-month. This does not affect subscription plans where the billing cycle is set to monthly.
  • Accrued discounts – It is now possible to also accrue sales discounts based on a new configuration available on the billing posting profile
Enhancements to Subscription Management
  • Contract-level renewal actions – Previously, it was possible to setup line renewals. We’re excited that subscription business can setup renewals on the contract level. Keep in mind that renewal actions are still linked to subscription plan lines and ALL must be firmed in order for the contract to auto-renew.

This fantastic feature also works in conjunction with (and not independent of) the “Renew-to-self” and “Next-subscription-plan” capability. Contract-level renewal actions is made possible through a new flag on the subscription plan line titled “Contract renewal notice”. When this is enabled, a renewal notice action will be generated for each active line in this subscription plan. All renewal notice actions for all subscription plan lines must be firmed in order for the renewal to be processed. Automatic renewal also requires the “renew to self” flag to be enabled or “next subscription plan” to be filled in.

  • Legacy subscription plan fields – Two new fields can hold legacy reference information and now available on the subscription plan.
Enhancements to Information Management
    • Actions clean-up routine – maintenance is greatly enhanced through this great feature. It is now possible to bulk delete posted or cancelled actions linked to cancelled subscription plans.

    Are you ready to modernise your subscription management processes and scale up? Contact us here for a meaningful discussion about supportive technologies that drive subscription success.

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