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Fantastic new features to extend pricing capabilities, improve analytics and performance

A preferred solution on Microsoft AppSource, Bluefort’s License and Subscription App (LISA) enables you to modernise, automate and optimise your licencing and subscription processes. LISA is purpose-built in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and operates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and Commerce.

We’re proud to share new features available now in addition to the already-powerful capabilities of LISA:

Subscription and Price management
  • Discount functionality on subscription plan lines – We’re excited that customers can now inherit discounts from standard Trade Agreements or specify a discount on the subscription plan line itself. Trade Agreements are a powerful capability within Dynamics 365 which enables you to work with specific agreed pricing between one or more customers.
  • Price and Discount Indexing – This feature provides more advanced and granular management of prices and discounts by allowing scenarios such as price-grandfathering and trials. This capability adds real value to drive customer-focused needs and differentiate from your competitors.
  • Subscription templates – It is now possible to save a subscription plan (and its lines) as templates and to create subscription plans from existing templates. This new feature takes bundled offerings to new heights for businesses wanting to replicate certain offerings for more customers.
  • Subscription copy functionality – It is now possible to copy a subscription plan (and its lines) from the same customer or another customer. This is particularly helpful when you need to configure a subscription for a new customer, using a similar subscription as your starting point.
  • Improved renewal functionality – Subscriptions terms can be created on a subscription plan level. These can be configured to auto-renew to other subscription plans using a subscription chain. Auto-cancellation of the subscription plan line level remains available. This feature extends the already powerful capabilities which LISA has in easily managing complex subscriptions.
Enhancements for Dynamics 365 Project related subscriptions
  • Project hours entitlements – It is now possible to set project hours entitlements for subscription plans linked to a project. Project hours can be linked to a specific role, a specific activity or for all roles and activities within a project.
  • Standard subscription plans for projects – On the product level it is now possible to configure whether standard or project subscription plans are generated from a project
  • Enhancements to subscription plan creation from projects – It is now possible to see which subscription products configured in a Project’s Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) has already been published to a subscription plan. A parameter also controls whether the same WBS product can be transferred more than once.
Security, Performance and Notifications
    • Enhanced granular security configuration – There are two new roles available for LISA: Subscription Manager and Subscription Project Manager. The introduction of these additional roles help business further refine their security and policies within the Dynamics 365 framework.
    • Subscription notifications – We’re excited about subscription notifications which enable Business Event triggers in Dynamics 365. Business events provide a mechanism that lets external systems receive notifications from Finance and Operations applications. In this way, the systems can perform business actions in response to the business event. Subsequently this new feature provides great opportunities to enable the integration with the Power Platform, Dataflex, Azure Functions and more!
    • We’ve added more Inquiry forms for enhanced analysis of subscription data – this delivers improved contextual information where you need it most.
    • Enhanced Forecasting functionality drives insights into future cashflow scenarios of your subscriptions.
    • Enhanced Power BI dashboards and reports deliver improved analytics to make better decisions, faster!
    • Overall Performance improvements and enhanced Integration functionality from external systems or online stores.

    Are you ready to modernise your subscription management processes and scale up? Contact us here for a meaningful discussion about supportive technologies that drive subscription success.

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