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Are you often confused why your delivery team do not deliver exactly what your sales team promised?

Does your delivery team have the right information to allow changes in your subscriptions down the line? A seamless integrated experience is needed for your sales team using CRM with your delivery team using your ERP.

At bluefort we focus on bringing a seamless experience for your sales and delivery team for subscription lifecycles using Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications and Power Platform applications. Let’s explore how these applications can run a quote-to-order process flow.

Look at our product demo below to understand and experience how we bring this seamless experience using LISA Reach and LISA BusinessPro.

Quote-to-Order with LISA Reach and LISA BusinessPro

LISA Reach is a model driven app using Microsoft Dataverse. The process starts with understanding and defining the different subscription product offerings that you are ready to sell. Once the subscription item master data is in place, commercial elements are defined, such as price units, discount setup and pricing tiers and bundles.

Solution Architecture

Once your commercial setup is completed, you can use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing or other apps to generate leads for your subscription offerings. When new leads are captured the cycle proceeds by starting an opportunity. The opportunity captures the high-level budget, requirements and needs of a lead. Upon further qualification an opportunity in LISA Reach can be detailed into a more precise offer using subscription quotations. Each new customer and customer contact is directly synchronized with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management. Once the quote is complete, send it to you prospect or customer with the click of a button.

To complete the process, record if the opportunity is won, resulting into a new LISA BusinessPro subscription plan or if lost the cycle ends there.

Using Dualwrite

Dualwrite is a near synchronous integration capability that is available with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management and Microsoft Dataverse to update data in both applications. You can find more details in this document.

At bluefort, we applied Microsoft Dataverse to develop the below integration and make processes between sales, customer services, project operations and Finance and Supply Chain seamless.

Solution Architecture

The integration model offers a near real time integrated flow from quote to order and allows a clear segregation of duties between Sales, Operations and Finance users.


Learn more about LISA Reach here.