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Who needs them? 

They’re a pain. They drain our resources. We spend all our time making them happy. And we build SaaS businesses to solve their problems.  

We say – enough is enough!!! It’s time to get rid of them using one of the quickest ways possible – your product offerings.  

That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate guide on how to transform customers into little Usain Bolts. We’re talking PEOPLE STAMPEDE. So grab a beverage, sit back and check out 7 ways you can finally be legends of churn and be free of customers forever.  

Strategies to cut customer retention with your offerings   

If you’re the kind of COO who wants to keep your teams busy with damage control, more work, and more effort, churn is the way to go.   

That goes double if you like haemorrhaging money.  

A businessman with two empty pockets.

You don’t have to take a lot of time figuring out what to do. You can focus on your offerings – they’re key to your customer relations. Mess up the offerings and customer retention’s done for.  

So what are the most effective strategies to create offerings that get those customers out of your life for good?  

Don’t Bother Learning About Your Customers: Who needs to understand their customers anyway? There’s no point in trying to use the data you’ve got on customer behaviour. You don’t need to keep track of what they like if they’re going to leave! Ignorance is bliss! Ignoring customer preferences is the quickest way to an empty customer database. 

Don’t Segment Your Customers: There’s no point in segmenting your customers into categories based on age, location, job, budget, needs, or anything else. Keep them a big indistinguishable mass, like a swamp blob. When you’re free from segmentation, you’re free from tailoring your marketing and sales approach to each customer. Who needs to feel valued and understood? 

Choose a Rigid, One-Size-Fits-All Pricing Strategy: Flexibility is for gymnasts, not customers. If you keep the pricing for your product offering super rigid you’ll broadcast “we don’t care about your specific needs” much more efficiently.    

Make pricing super complex and annoying: On the other hand, you could pick 2,489,881 different pricing models that make no sense and throw them at the customers. Let them sort it all out or find a competitor who keeps things simple and offers them what they need, when they need it. No one needs that kind of troubled life.   

Keep your products a secret and don’t show off their value: It’s okay to keep quiet about your  products, their functions and their benefits (especially the new ones). No one should have the burden of growth – it takes way too much time to count all that money. Give us stagnation and missed opportunities galore!  

A woman doing the "talk to the hand" to a man.

When someone mentions usage data, close your eyes, cover your ears and shout LALALALALA: No one cares about how much your customers use except your customers. If they want to know about contracts, it’s a free country! If you let them pay for things they don’t need and offer them add-ons that don’t take their needs into account, it will leave a sour taste in their mouth and cut your customer retention to the bone. They might even tell their friends and colleagues about it.  

Let your sales team wing it: Sales teams are at their best when they guess. No one needs preparation and customer insight to guide offerings. Let them act like life is a game show and randomly pick whatever– with higher stakes and no prizes. 

Contact customers at random times: Life is best without stress, so contact your customers whenever you can get around to it. Don’t worry about keeping track of when it’s time for a cross-sell or an upsell. For extra points, wait a few weeks have sales call them again, and offer them something that’s even worse.  

And whatever you do, avoid automation AT ALL COSTS: The problem with automation of your product and pricing processes is that it makes dropping the ball impossible. Who needs any of these:  

  • Personalization: Automation teaches you about your customers by crunching the data from their preferences and buying behavior, which means they get pricing and offering that keeps them happy and coming back for more.  
  • Segmentation: You’ll segment your customers so that both your message and your offerings are as specific to their circumstances as possible.  
  • Flexible Pricing: Automated pricing strategies will stay clear, logical, and show off the value of your products. They will also take into consideration usage so that the customer saves as much as possible and you know which products and services they need.  
  • Product Updates: Automation will let your customers stay on top of your new products, what they do, and how they can benefit from them. That boosts the chances of upselling and cross-selling.  
  • Sales Intelligence: With automation, your sales team will always know what to offer each customer, eliminating the guesswork and improving conversion rates. 
  • Offerings at the right time: Automation not only decides what offerings and prices to send, but channels this info to the right salesperson when the customer needs it. No more missed opportunities.  

Automation sounds like a nightmare. So steer well clear of that!   

A woman waving goodbye to someone on their laptop.

And that’s the list!  

If you’ve followed all these steps, congratulations! You’re on the fast track to an empty customer database.  

Now, there are some people who are reading this article, thinking “But I want to keep my customers. I need tips to better customer retention through offerings.”  

We’re not trying to judge. We’ve all got our own path to follow. Just do the opposite.  

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