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August '22: Extending into the Dynamics 365 Finance "Revenue and expense deferrals"

A preferred solution on Microsoft AppSource, Bluefort’s LISA BusinessPro enables you to modernise, automate and optimise your licencing and subscription processes. LISA BusinessPro is purpose-built in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and operates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and Commerce.

We’re proud to share new features available now in addition to the already-powerful capabilities of LISA BusinessPro:

Enhancements to Subscription Financials

LISA BusinessPro ships with a variety of different features which enable different revenue and cost recognition strategies to be implemented across a variety of different business models. Moreover, enabled through the flexibility of its Subscription Action Framework and delivered by experienced and knowledgeable functional and technical professionals in the subscription industry, more advanced features are being added to ensure the right level of automation and compliance is delivered across different organisations thus make the product a live eco-system with continuous customer input and value delivery not a static set of functions.

LISA BusinessPro’s journey in compliance automation continues with the new upcoming LISA BusinessPro feature where the product is able to automate the functionality of the new “Revenue and expense deferrals” sub-module within the recently-acquired “Subscription billing” module by Microsoft. This gives solution architects from partners and customers implementing LISA BusinessPro to merge together the logic that comes with “Revenue and expense deferrals” and thus the related investments and efforts from Microsoft with the unrivalled subscription automation features which ship with LISA Business Pro. You can review a preview of this functionality in the video below. Furthermore, by virtue of  the integration exposed via the automation features, this functionality thus allows “Revenue and expense deferrals” functionality to be triggered directly from within Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM) apps without even having to visit the Finance and Operations U.I.

The above is not alien to LISA BusinessPro. From the outset, the strategy around LISA BusinessPro was to leverage and automate functionalities in other standard modules such as the General, Sales and Purchasing Ledgers, Revenue Recognition, Asset Management, Commerce and many more so these set of features being announced in this roadmap are in line with this strategy. We try to avoid re-inventing the wheel and focus on best practices and automation. The same strategy also applies to other products in the LISA suite such as those automating processes in Dynamics 365 Business Central (LISA Business) and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Apps (LISA Reach)

We plan to continue releasing further features in this area and thus, in this way, the LISA BusinessPro product footprint continues to grow along with further investments done by Microsoft in the area of subscriptions and deferrals. I hope this video gets you as excited as we are about the LISA BusinessPro roadmap.

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