Ramp up Subscription Automation, IBEXA 2021

August, 2021


Customer – Ibexa
Customer Size – Midsize over 100 employees
Country – Norway
Industry – SaaS
Products and Services – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Bluefort’s LISA

Ibexa is geared up to drive growth with their unique Digital Experience Platform (DXP). Growing the business also means process automation in every process, especially in subscriptions.

Ibexa and bluefort teamed up to migrate from a former subscription system to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and bluefort’s enterprise subscription.

The partnership goal is to drive billing and operation automation, reducing mundane daily tasks and reduce inefficiencies. In turn increases in process speed of execution are the values coming out of the engagement.

Subscription automation driving efficiency and accuracy.

Customer Challenges

Ibexa is a fast-growing global challenger in digital experience platform (DXP) based on modern strong technology. Since the Company’s establishment, they have transitioned into a pure SaaS business serving customer around the globe.

To scale and grow requires process automation and as a SaaS business tailored experience was need to ensure the business is serviced with enterprise grade business apps that take away manual and time consuming activities, whilst automating software delivery options as well, taking away various duplicate activities in the business process.


The bluefort team deployed LISA for Ibexa and teamed up to help Ibexa on their growth journey.

LISA now takes care of billing automation and execution, paving the way for more focus on innovation and customer focus, says Eivind Hesjadalen, CFO at Ibexa.

LISA, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives us the business apps and technology to keep building and innovating.

Customer Benefits

Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, Ibexa turns the subscription lifecycle much faster than before, with less efforts.

  • Reduced time to report financials
  • Automation in various activities that were done manual before
  • Optimised business processes in subscription lifecycle
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