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We’re going to say something that’s absolutely shocking.


Subscription billing managers love to have their time wasted. They love to lose cash and revenue opportunities. They love to drown in paperwork and crappy analogue processes. 

Of course, they don’t love all that! 

But if you look at the outdated, underwhelming subscription management processes they’ve been forced to use, it certainly looks that way.

And if you’re in subscription billing management and have little support for the end-to-end, you’re probably nodding your head. The struggle is real.

In fact, you’ve probably been researching solutions that can stop your struggle and revolutionise the way your subscription billing management is done.

The sooner you can free yourself or your team from time wasting and churn, the sooner you can use your talents to do what you do best. Sell. Innovate. Future-proof the business.

So here are 5 essential features you’ll find in the best subscription billing management software:


1. Suffer with manually generating invoices, missed payments, late fees?

Automated billing lets you set up recurring payments and forget about it. No more missed payments or late fees! Your customers will no longer have to manually pay. You won’t have to remember changes in billing.


2. Lack flexible payment options that cause customer churn or late payments?

Customers vary on how they like to pay. You need software that offers flexible payment options, so you can cater to all your customers’ preferences.


3. Hate spending time chasing missing payments?

This task’s about as fun as eating the old french fries under your car seat. Dunning management automates the process of following up with customers who have missed payments. No more awkward phone calls.


4. Are you tired of making uninformed decisions because you have no insight into subscriptions?

With the right analytics and reporting features you’ll know how many subscriptions you have at any time. And the average customer lifetime value.  Solid data means solid decisions.


5. Sick to death of soul-sucking manual data entry, errors, and incompatible software?

A good integration feature works with your existing tools and systems including your accounting software, CRM, and payment gateways. That means time is saved and errors are gone.


The right features make life easier.

When you decide to take the plunge, you’ll have options. And one of them is our subscription management solution – leading-edge and innovation award-winning software. LISA Business automates your subscription management and grows recurring revenue – all running on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Our clients enjoy a revolutionised and demonstrable improvement in operational efficiency, visibility into revenue, and profitability.

But we offer more than that. We offer our belief that it’s important to be the kind of people that people want to work with.

Because what’s the point otherwise?

We love collaboration with a huge variety of people. And we would love to see the end of your stressful days and nights. The end to your wasted time and money. And we’d love to see you enjoy happy customers and the freedom to do what you do best – grow your business.

Why not drop us a line and see how we can help?

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