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Cats are just like subscription customers.

Don’t get us wrong- we love them just as they are. But sometimes it’s hard to figure out what they want. It’s not their fault, they’re just being themselves.

Let’s look at the cats, so you can see what we mean.

Meeting a cat’s needs is on us. It’s our responsibility because we look after them.

Sometimes we guess and by some miracle get it right. But sometimes we’re standing there with their favourite fishing pole with the little feather on the end shaking it like fools because this is the same pole they’ve been obsessed with for 27 days in a row and yet…they flick their tails and saunter off in the opposite direction.

We’ll shout “What does that meow mean? You love this toy! You destroyed the last one you liked it so much. Gahhh!”

But then they leave the room. And you’re even more confused.

And they don’t come back till you’ve forgotten about the whole thing and you’re trying to work on your laptop and they sit on your hands pay attention to me pay attention to meeeee. Feed me now. No wait! Scratch my belly. Don’t touch me!!!

Now imagine there was a magic wand that transformed us into cat whisperers. Where we suddenly knew exactly what our cats wanted and when they wanted it.

Now imagine an even better upgrade- what if that wand could not only anticipate and identify the cat’s needs, but also fulfil the needs itself?

It would be amazing, right?

Subscription Management Software as the Magic Wand

Here’s why subscription customers are like cats. We don’t always get it right with them. They have needs and wants, and sometimes it’s hard to figure out what they might be. And when we fail, they leave. And this churn is one of the biggest, costliest problems in the industry.

What’s needed is something that turns customer retention into something easy.

That’s where cutting-edge subscription management software comes in. It’s like the magic wand we never knew we needed. It can do everything our magic cat wand could do and more for our subscription customers.

Subscription management software makes us a customer whisperer. Which will reduce your churn. Here’s how it works:

First, it identifies what subscription customers need and creates an effective, tailored strategy to convert them. That means it zeros in on opportunities and creates the strategy to renew and upsell and cross-sell new subscriptions, using tailored incentives and discounts that make conversion possible.

In other words, they enjoy a fully personalised experience. The customer gets what they’re looking for, often before they realise they want it. They’ll feel seen, heard, and valued, which will keep them coming back for more.

Second, it coordinates automatic payment collection using the manner of payment that the customer prefers. Customers have very clear preferences for payment methods. Now you won’t have to worry about churn because now you’re not stuck with one type of payment method.

Third, it handles all the logistics that come with subscription management and changes in subscriptions. That means everything is sorted – recognized revenue, all upselling, cross-selling, and any changes are looked after.

No more human error, no more trying to keep up. That means no uncomfortable conversations with customers because something went wrong during the change.

Last– are you ready for this because it’s the piece de resistance – it automates the whole thing, so that all these processes are done for you.

Subscription management system? Check.

Decreased subscription churn rate? Double-check.

Sanity and time restored? Massive big check.

You get to sit back, all fancy with your customer retention because you’re the customer whisperer, and you can finally get back to doing what you do best – selling.

With subscription management software, we can finally crack the code and keep our customers happy. We can offer them personalized experiences, take care of payments and billing, and even anticipate their needs before they realize it themselves. That’s the secret formula for retention.

It’s like we finally have a translator for our customers’ “meows” and can cater to their every whim. So let’s embrace our inner cat whisperer and reduce churn in the subscription business. Who knows, maybe we’ll even get a satisfied purr or two from our customers along the way.

Though, we’re not scratching anyone’s belly.

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