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The thing about robots is that they’re great. They’re so shiny. They’re cutting-edge. And more importantly, they do stuff for us.  

Whether it’s books or movies or tv shows, we’ve gotten used to them. Whether it’s R2-D2 and C-3PO helping the Rebel Alliance or Rosie the Robot Maid helping the Jetsons, it’s really satisfying to see something help us so that we can get on with what we need to do.  

What’s great is that in the 21st century we’ve got robotic power at our fingertips. Even in SaaS sales. In fact, robots can alleviate one of the biggest challenges you as a SaaS CEO face – low win rates and slow growth. 

They might not look as cool as The Terminator or Bender, but when they’re doing your work for you, does it matter? 

Let’s take a closer look at what’s behind low win rates and slow growth, how it impacts you, and how the robots can help.  

A cool futuristic robot pointing at its temple.

What causes it? 

So what causes low win rates and slow growth? Here are some of the most common that we see in the SaaS landscape:  

Outdated data management: Mistakes and inconsistencies are par for the course with manual data entry and management processes. No matter how methodical a human, they are going to make mistakes. But when you add pressure, piles of work and those silos, forget it. There’s no reliable information for you to make informed decisions and strategies. 

Repetitive administrative tasks: With legacy systems, administrative tasks like data entry and reports don’t write themselves. CRM updates don’t happen by magic. These tasks drain time stop your teams from closing deals.  

Frankensteined systems and tools: Sales teams can struggle when their systems are disconnected or patched together. They can’t collaborate. They can’t share information. They don’t know which potential customers need what or the best offerings for each of them.  

Bad lead qualification: Manual lead qualification processes are inconsistent across your teams and individual sales staff. It messes up the revenue teams when they get to work with invoicing and collecting too, causing mistakes and infuriating everyone, including the customers. This impacts your upselling and cross-selling because which angry customer decides to stay on and buy more?  

Limited visibility and insights: You can strategize without insight. When your sales process is discombobulated and there’s no visibility, you’ve got a struggle to see spot areas for improvement. Without strategic thinking and decision-making, your company can’t grow. 

Lack of the right offerings and pricing strategies: It doesn’t matter how great your products and services are. If your sales teams have no idea when to contact leads, and what to offer them, a fast sales cycle will be impossible.  

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What low win rates and slow growth do to you  

They are a huge stumbling block for you as a SaaS CEO. Because they don’t just impact you. It’s your team and the company at stake. Do any of these consequences sound familiar?  

Lost opportunities: When your win rates are low, you’re missing opportunities to expand your customer base and keep your customer acquisition costs low. You’re missing out on getting the edge over your competition. You don’t have a larger customer base singing your praises. You can’t grow.  

Time and resource drain: When your teams have to do everything manually, their time and resources are drained away. Sales teams can’t focus on revenue-generating activities.  

Inefficient sales cycles: When the lead-to-sales-to-invoicing processes are clunky and riddled with silos, sales cycles are going to be long. On-boarding can be delayed. The pipeline is bunged up. And mistakes happen between your sales and revenue teams.  

Crushed morale: When a team wants to run for the hills, it’s hard for them to do a good job. No one gets a sales job so that they can be chained to their desks under a pile of spreadsheets with looming quotas barking down their ear.  

No scalability: SaaS success is down to scalability but there’s no scaling when sales are slow and there’s no growth.  

All this impacts on you personally, too.  

The buck stops with the CEO. You’re the one that has to march into the boardroom and account for where your company stands. That’s a lot of stress and sleepless nights.  

It’s a serious situation, and for you to do your job, it needs to be sorted for you.  

And that’s where the robots come in.   

A cool photo of a human and a robot touching fingers. There's light in between them.

Bring on the subscription robot overlords!  

The best robots know what to do. They do the grunt work for you. They make things easy. They free your time up. And they can work 24-7.  

Automation, driven by robots and powered by advanced AI technologies, gives you the exact solution you need by taking care of all the causes of the problems.  

Here’s how the automation robot changes the game:  

Streamlined lead management: Automation scores and qualifies the leads throughout the nurturing processes, identifies the best times to sell, then channels the opportunities to the best salesperson for the job. This can make your sales process fast as lightening and your win rates sky-high, whether it’s a new customer or an existing one.  

Personalized customer engagement and great experience: It doesn’t matter how large your customer base is or how quickly it’s been growing, because automated and completely personalized email campaigns and messages let your sales team reach prospects and current customers in the most effective manner. 

Teams work without silos: Automated systems between sales and revenue allow the information to flow freely. Because there are no manual entry errors, sales can rely on revenue to get billing right, and revenue can rely on sales to get terms right. There aren’t any delays between the teams, so not only are sales opportunities no longer missed, but there aren’t any delays in implementation.  

Data-Driven decision making: Automation gives you the data you need to make the best decisions. The data is analyzed and accessible when you need it. It crunches numbers, writes detailed reports, spot problems, provides potential scenarios and forecasts, so that you have the information you need, when you need it.  

Rapid sales ops: Because automation takes away the administrative tasks that plague your sales teams, they finally have the time to focus on building relationships and closing deals which is exactly what’s needed to speed up sales cycles and boost in rates.  

Scalability and growth: Because automation can handle any size customer base, when you grow, you won’t hit a scaling nightmare because everything continues to run. The end-to-end processes are standardized. The workflows are automated. Best practices stay consistent across the teams. You can spread into as many new markets as you want because the growth is sustainable.  

Morale through the roof: When your teams no longer have to deal with the soulless, time-stealing processes, they’re happy. When they’re given sales opportunities (with potential and existing customers) that are loaded in their favour, they’re happy. When they are free to do the value-adding work that uses their talents, they’re happy. And when they’re happy and selling, you’ve got a much better chance at being thrilled with the job.  

A businesswoman in an office celebrating a win in front of a laptop.

Go with the robots 

We never thought we’d get to the point where we’d say robots are necessary for survival, but here we are.  

As a CEO, you know it’s virtually impossible to keep a SaaS company ticking over without automation. Legacy systems are going to pinch you eventually.  

When you give yourself and your teams the advantage of AI-powered you empower your sales teams to focus on what they do best – building relationships, closing deals faster, and driving revenue.  

You get streamlined processes, efficiency, valuable insights, and ultimately better win rates and growth. 

Embrace the robots. Let them take care of the repetitive tasks. Enable your company to edge out the competition. Watch your win rates soar as your humans and the robots work together for greatness. 

Say goodbye to missed sales opportunities and boost your growth with Bluefort’s cutting-edge automation solutions. Learn how our end-to-end system streamlines product offerings, boosts your up and cross-selling, and maximizes long-term customer value.

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